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25 APRIL 2019

Legal. IP. AI. Technology. Risk. Security. Data Privacy. Compliance.

Venue: The LaLiT New Delhi,

Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001, India

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About The Event

The 47th Global Legal ConfEx & Law Tech Exhibition, Delhi, India, Event aims to bring together 300+ In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers. Get insights on Litigation. Contracts. Technology. Software. E-discovery. Risk. Security. Compliance. GDPR etc.

Our Success Stories

Hygiene Products

Spiritual Leader

bk shivani.jpg

Sister BK Shivani


Teacher & Author,

Rajyoga Meditation, India

Keynote Speakers


Aditi Chopra

Director and Legal Counsel, Microsoft Corporation,



Sanjay Shah

Managing Director, Asia,



Tabrez Ahmad.jpg

Tabrez Ahmad

Group Director Government Affairs & Public Policy,

Dell, India


Rapheepong Ghai

Privacy Consultant,

OneTrust Inc.,



Nitin Shah


IT Advisory Services,

KPMG in India

Prominent Speakers

Akhil Prasad.jpg

Akhil Prasad


Country Counsel India and Company Secretary,

Boeing, India


Debolina Partap

Vice President Legal & GC, Wockhardt,


Siddhartha Patnaik.jpg

Siddhartha Patnaik

Jt. General Manager & Head Counsel, Corporate Legal,

Essar Power, India

Poonam Bhuchar.jpg

Poonam Bhuchar


Bhuchar Law,


Shweta Girotra.jpg

Shweta Girotra

AVP Legal & Company Secretary, Paytm,


Nihit Nagpal.jpg

Nihit Nagpal

Sr. Associate Advocate,

S.S.Rana & Co,


Shravan Prabhu.jpg

Shravan Prabhu

Partner- Cyber Security and IT Governance,

BDO India LLP, India

Sharmistha Ghosh.jpg

Sharmistha Ghosh


Fox and Mandal LLP,


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Ramnivas Kumar.jpg

Ramnivas Kumar

Senior Asia Counsel,

World Bank Group,


Raghunath Rath.jpg

Raghunath Rath

Head - Legal, Compliance & Company Secretary,
Par Pharmaceutical, India

Sachin Kalra.jpg

Sachin Kalra

Deputy General Counsel,

HT Media Ltd,



Ravi Rajiv Upadhyay

Sr. Business Unit Manager- Legal and Compliance,

Ameriprise Financial Services,



Prateush Sharma

General Counsel,

Mankind Pharma,



Mark Bravin

Partner, Head of International Disputes Practice, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, USA


Rishi Anand


DSK Legal,



Devinder Jain

Company Secretary, Head - Legal & Compliance Officer, McDonald's India- North & East, India


Ashima Katara

Patent Manager,

Hindustan Unilever Limited,



Prasanna Lohar

Head Technology - Innovation & Architecture,

DCB Bank,


Joe Tirado.jpg

Joe Tirado


Co-Head of International Arbitration and ADR,
Garrigues UK LLP, UK


Anusuya Nigam

Associate Partner,

Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP,



Sourish Mohan Mitra

Director, Legal Affairs,




Rajarshi Sen

Senior Legal Counsel - Gas & Power Operating Company, Siemens, India

Francesco Falco.jpg

Francesco Falco

Senior Associate,

Paul Hastings,



Ajay Upadhyay

Partner- Forensic Services,

KPMG in India


Zameer Nathani

Senior Vice President and General Counsel,

UFO Moviez India Limited,



Jitendra Jagota

Director Legal and Govt Affairs, Avon,



Bhushan Sharma

Partner – Forensic Advisory Services,

BDO India LLP, India

Shikhar Kapoor.jpg

Shikhar Kapoor

AVP Legal,



Jitendra Wadhwa.jpg

Jitendra Wadhwa

Senior Counsel - Intellectual Property,

Mastercard, India

Anupam Sharan.jpg

Anupam Sharan


Sutherland Global Services,


Read More

Avneesh Chopra

General Manager-Legal and Company Secretary, Ford Motor Company, India


Rajeshwari Hariharan


Rajeshwari & Associates,


Manu Grover.jpg

Manu Grover

General Counsel & Company Secretary,

BIBA Apparels Private Limited, India


Sanjay Gulati

Group Vice President Corporate Tax- GST & Litigation,

GMR Group, India


Pawan Kumar

Sr Vice President Legal and Head Litigation,

SBI Cards & Payment Services, India

Ved Prakash.jpg

Ved Prakash

Asst. Vice President and Lead Legal Counsel,

ABB, India

Richard Milchior.jpg

Richard Milchior


Herald LLP,



Dr. Debabrata Nayak

Chief Security officer, Huawei Telecommunication India Pvt Ltd., India


Keval Sheth

Director - Business Advisory Services,

BDO India LLP, India

J L N Murthy.jpg

J L N Murthy

General Counsel,

Red Bull,



Rahul Goel


Indus Law,



Sameet Gambhir

Jt. Vice President (Corporate Legal / Compliance) and Company Secretary, DCM Shriram Limited, India


Ashma Marwah

Director – Legal & Compliance,, &, India


Gaurav Vutts

General Manager Legal/National Litigation Manager, Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd., India

Rajiv Sarin.jpg

Rajiv Sarin

Founder & Chairman,

Qui Prior law Associates,


Jagvinder Brar.jpg

Jagvinder Brar


KPMG in India,



Kumar Ankit

Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs, Vedanta Limited,



Parvesh Kheterpal

Head Legal- EPC, Solar & Roads, Lanco Group,



(07:30 AM – 06:00 PM IST) 

* Program is subject to change without notice

07:30 AM – Onwards
Conference Registration


Informal Networking | 07:30 AM – 08:30 AM


•    Networking Tea with Speakers & Delegates

•    Informal Networking with Exhibitors

Opening Spiritual Session | 08:30 AM – 09:00 AM

Legal Profession & Happiness: Redesign the House of Your Spiritual Life


As one of the world’s oldest professions, law has long been respected as a highly prestigious and, in many ways, rewarding career path. Despite this, evidence suggests that a considerable number of lawyers are still not very much satisfied with their work; and in turn in their lives. To discover your personal power, you must set off on your journey without waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. Self-belief develops as you progress on your personal path. Join us to see how to take that first courageous step with the faith that the rest of your journey will reveal itself, as you go.

  • Dealing with the Dangers and Challenges on Lawyers Life's Long Journey.

  • How Mindfulness & Meditation Can Ease Stress in Your Life and Law Practice.

  • The Spiritual Mind: A Journey into Awareness.

  • Power of Self Belief.

  • Improving Mental Health and Well-Being in the Legal Industry.

bk shivani.jpg

Sister BK Shivani

Practitioner, Teacher & Author, Rajyoga Meditation,


Morning Keynote Address 1 | 09:00 AM – 09:50 AM

Legal Technology & Digitalization - Will That Replace Legal Counsel Or Help Them To Partner with Business?



  • View on the state of digitization in the legal sector today?

  • Are there any new trends spotted recently?

  • Are there any typical challenges in-house legal teams face with digitizing?

  • Recommend tips to the legal counsel community

  • Technology

Morning Keynote Address 2 | 09:50 AM – 10:45 AM

GDPR One Year Later: Top Lessons Learned in the New Privacy Era


For the last several years, businesses across the globe prepared for May 25, 2018: the day the European Union’s massive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  became law. Now that the GDPR is here, what’s next for data privacy? How are regulators assessing accountability? Have we seen massive fines? And what about ePrivacy Regulation? In this session, privacy experts will share their top lessons learned in the new privacy era and provide practical advice for an ongoing privacy programme.


  • Top 10 lessons learned in the GDPR era

  • Tips for maintaining an ongoing privacy program

  • Practical advice and best practices from real-life privacy initiatives

  • What impact has the new data protection directive had on businesses so far?

  • Better option to minimize Privacy Risks and maintain GDPR Compliance - Data Protection Officer’s (DPO) or Virtual CISO: Chief Information Security Officer?

  • Impact after GDPR on Risk, Privacy, Fraud & Investigation Management

Market Research Report Launch | 10:40 AM – 11:00 AM

India's First Market Research Report "The Indian Legal Tech Industry Analysis":

Informal Networking | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

●    Networking Tea Break
●    Informal Networking with Exhibitors


Leadership Learning Lab |

11:30 AM – 12:10 PM

The Future Of Law: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Revolutionizing the Indian Legal Industry?

Legal sector is the latest frontier for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to knock down. According to research, AI has become the new normal and has made seismic moves in possibly every aspect of our life, from media to retail and now self-driving vehicles.  “The world is changing incredibly fast and some say we are living in the 4th industrial revolution.

  • So, what necessitates the migration to AI in legal sector?

  • How does AI work in legal sector?

  • Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) become the 'new normal' in Indian legal sector?

  • India seems to be on the right path for progress in AI, but what about its competitors?

  • Case predictions: can AI predict case outcomes?

  • Advisory services: can AI software assist clients with legal questions?



Leadership Learning Lab |

11:30 AM – 12:10 PM

How GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Bring Obligations As Well As Opportunities?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018, yet businesses remain largely unprepared. Given that GDPR is designed to protect EU residents’ data, regardless of where that data is collected, stored or processed, many non-EU companies will be subject to GDPR and need to understand their risk of exposure, and how they can mitigate that risk through evolving best data protection practice. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • GDPR: What is It and How Does it Impact My Business?

  • Who is affected? Some definitions

  • How does the GDPR help reduce costs?

  • Main obligations

  • Consequences of non-compliance

  • How Ongoing Staff Awareness Can Support Compliance

  • How much will the change in GDPR affect IP law?


Exclusive Case Study Presentation |

12:10 AM – 12:35 PM

Disputes Advisory Partner for Law Firms and Legal Counsels including following topics –

  • Dispute resolution

  • Corporate / Commercial advisory

  • White Collar Crime

  • Mediation, Experts report, Arbitration

  • Ethics & Compliance

  • Insurance claims management – business disruptions, claims quantifications, etc.

  • Sexual Harassment cases

  • Product Recall

  • Transaction Advisory Services



Bhushan Sharma

Partner – Forensic Advisory Services,

BDO India LLP,



Keval Sheth

Director - Business Advisory Services,

BDO India LLP,


Sponsored By:


Exclusive Case Study Presentation |

12:10 AM – 12:35 PM

Immigration and Corporate Compliance in the Tech World


Poonam Bhuchar.jpg

Poonam Bhuchar

Bhuchar Law,

Sponsored By:


Leadership Learning Lab |

12:35 AM – 01:15 PM

Legal & Intellectual Property (IP) Rights in Today’s Digital Economy- Challenges & Protection

Digital transformation has become one of the main forces of innovation in the current legal economic model, identified as the Creative Economy, creating new Legal & IP rights and new business challenges & opportunities. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • Competition Law Challenges in a Digital Economy

  • Maintenance and management of Legal & IP rights

  • Global IP strategies & Compliance

  • Administrative & judicial litigation of IP

  • With fast evolving technology Open Source software are being used by industry quite often, so what care should be taken in order to protect company IP when used with OS software

  • What impact could technology have on the Vendor/Law Firm-client relationship?


Leadership Learning Lab |

12:35 AM – 01:15 PM

Improve Compliance & Reduce Risks across your Contract Management Portfolio

Digital transformation has become one of the main forces of innovation in the current legal economic model, identified as the Creative Economy, creating new Legal & IP rights and new business challenges & opportunities. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • How does Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system work harder and smarter at identifying the hidden risks in its contracts?

  • How does it ensure that all the contracts that it signs are in compliance with its internal guidelines as well as external regulatory bodies?

  • How to identify, mitigate and manage risks & compliance using Contract Management Platform


Informal Networking | 01:15 PM – 02:10 PM

  • Networking Lunch Break

  •  Informal Networking with Exhibitors

Informal Networking | 01:15 PM – 02:10 PM

  • Networking Lunch Break

  •  Informal Networking with Exhibitors

Leadership Learning Lab |

02:10 PM – 02:50 PM

Mediation and Arbitration: Who Should be Doing What

Mediation is no longer a child and is now more like a teenager in the dispute resolution world. As with any teenager, relationships matter. Mediation’s relationship with other form of dispute resolution is now increasingly important.

  • Can mediation be effectively used in connection with arbitration? If so, at what stage?

  • How effective is mediation generally? In what circumstances or jurisdictions is it most effective?

  • Should companies include mediation clauses in their standard commercial contracts?

  • Is there a particular format best used for incorporating mediation into a dispute resolution clause?

  • Mediation: What Legal & IP In-House Counsels expects

  • Advantages/disadvantages of IP arbitration over the courts

  • Arbitration -vs- mediation, the various Alternative Dispute Resolutions in India


Leadership Learning Lab |

02:10 PM – 02:50 PM

How GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) Helps Prepare Your Journey to GDPR?

  • What is GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) and why do you need it in GDPR?

  • What is key to a successful GRC implementation?

  • Why GDPR Must Be an Integral Part of Your GRC Framework?

  • The GDPR: Why you need to review your third-party service providers?

  • How GRC Works with Third Party Solution Provider under GDPR?


Leadership Learning Lab |

02:50 PM – 03:30 PM

IP Litigation around the World – Strategies to Manage Costs

  • Recent Developments in Intellectual Property and Related Laws: In Court and as Policy

  • Trends and strategies

  • Staffing

  • Technology

  • Cost management tools

  • Support services

  • Role of law firms in managing multi-jurisdictional IP litigation


Leadership Learning Lab |

02:50 PM – 03:30 PM

Empowering Legal Departments to Demonstrate Value Through Technology and Operations to Achieve Corporate Goals

In this session you will hear from peers on how they are demonstrating value and strategizing initiatives with the use of technology, operations and process to achieve corporate legal department goals.

  • Identify ways to connect legal operations to key business initiatives

  • Tips on how to move legal from cost center to key partner in the eyes of the broader business

  • Highlights showing the criticality that legal operations plays in driving the efficiency of an organization


Leadership Learning Lab |

03:30 PM – 04:10 PM

How to Implement, Localize and Maintain an Effective Compliance Programme in Current India Anti-Corruption Landscape

  • How to build a more sustainable and proactive compliance programme

  • How to overcome cultural challenges in rolling out an anti-corruption awareness: balancing cultural norms and global policies

  • How to enhance local management and employee awareness about competitive realities

  • How to leverage technology and other innovative tools to efficiently detect and control risks

  • How to control unclear payments in the E-commerce world


Leadership Learning Lab |

03:30 PM – 04:10 PM

The Legal Cybersecurity Threat Landscape for 2019 and Beyond

  • The key data security/privacy trends and challenges facing the legal sector

  • How to navigate cybersecurity and network defense challenges

  • How advanced machine learning can be the solution for the sector

  • The importance of data protection and how firms can navigate the threat landscape

  • What do general counsel expect from Law Firms & Legal Service Providers in 2019-20?


Leadership Learning Lab | 04:10 PM – 04:50 PM

Arbitration in India – The Way Forward


The Indian judicial system is advancing progressively in the field of arbitration. In the last three years, India has seen a growth of nearly 200% in the number of disputes that have been referred to arbitration. Panelists will discuss on the following key points-


  • Emerging trends in arbitration in India

  • Importance of technology in arbitration

  • Expert Witnesses in Arbitration and Litigation Proceedings

  • The Importance of an expert witness in Arbitrations

  • Third-party funding and costs of proceedings

  • Importance of “Independence of Expert”

  • Take the Witness: Cross Examination in International Arbitration

Informal Networking | 04:50 PM – 05:00 PM

●    Networking Tea Break
●    Informal Networking with Exhibitors

05:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Evening Happy Hours & Informal Networking

This ceremony will celebrate the presence of our speakers, key delegates and sponsors who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation-

●    Speakers Felicitation Ceremony
●    Closing Remarks & Evening Networking Tea Break

*There can be a slight change in the time provided in the agenda above

** Please be present for a session 10 minutes before the start time


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