Law Firm Management ConfEx


USA - 17 Nov 2020

Gathering of 300+ Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Marketers, Law Firm Technology Experts, In-house Counsel, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers



Management. Finance. Tech. People. Marketing. Business Development.

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Law Firm Management ConfEx


The 67th Global Legal ConfEx, Law Firm Management Edition, USA – Online Event aims to bring together 300+ Law Firm Partners, Law Firm Marketers, Law Firm Technology Experts, In-house Counsel, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers. Get insights on Law Firm management during COVID 19, Technology enablement, Managing finances in tough times, People management, Productivity management during WFH time, Client services, Marketing & client acquisition strategies etc.



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it was a pleasure to participate in this event. I hope you’ll invite me back again next year!


Laura Martino

Associate General Counsel, Compliance & Privacy, Global Jet Capital

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It was my pleasure to participate as a speaker in the event, I enjoyed it and hope we can work together in the future.

Ksenia Takhistova

Vice Chair, Director and Legal Counsel, CME Group of ACS NY USA

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It’s a wonderful platform, typically for lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments to take off a time for entire day and attend event like this. The way the event is organized is very interesting and your keynotes and presentation were very nicely developed into a product, where one can see the entire spectrum of how law technology is helping law firms. It’s a fabulous platform.

Sanjay Shah

Managing Director Asia, iManage


Online event gallery from our last event


Past  Speakers

We have worked relentlessly to make sure that we have the best of the best speakers in our line up. We have tried to cover most of the points that lawyers in the USA are looking answers for especially in these tough times. We have asked our speakers to share their hearts out and enlighten the delegates on solving a long list of issues that are bothering them.

The list of speakers for USA 2020 will be live shortly. Meanwhile below is the list of speakers from our recently organized Global Legal ConfExes, USA.

Image by Giammarco Boscaro

* Program is subject to change without notice

* Program is subject to change without notice



Access our detailed programme and attend content-rich Industry Sessions, Experiential Learning Sessions, Exclusive Case Study Presentations and much more. Network and partner ONLINE with top experts and leaders from the Global Legal industry.

* Program is subject to change without notice

08:55 AM – 09:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time)

Opening Remarks

Law Review

09:00 AM – 09:30 AM

Keynote Address 1

Law Firm Management during COVID 19

Summary Bullets:

  • Managing a virtual law practice

  • Processes & Automation

  • Using time and resources efficiently

  • Plan for contingencies

  • Remote working policies

  • Project management

  • Documented systems & procedures

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Keynote Address 2

Are You IN For Tech Enablement?

  • Practice management software

  • Case management

  • Time tracking

  • Billing/Invoicing

  • Document management

  • Document automation tools

  • Task management

  • Contact management

  • Calendaring

  • Email management

  • Legal research database

  • Cyber security management

  • Data privacy & Risk management

  • Role of AI in your law firm


10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Keynote Address 3

Marketing including Legal Advertising & Business Development Strategies

  • Marketing and advertising within the ambit of law

  • Online brand visibility

  • Repeat client business

  • New client acquisition in COVID 19

  • Building up strategic alliances with overseas law firms for business exchange

  • Demonstrating expertise by speaking in conferences & webinars

  • Hiring the services of professional event and marketing firms

10:30 AM – 10:50 AM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation

10:50 AM – 11:00 AM

Virtual Break & Informal Networking


In a Meeting

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM

Experiential Learning Session

Client Services & Managing Client Pressure

  • Managing client work pressure without losing the patience

  • Dealing with the expectations of demanding clients

  • Creating culture of high quality client services

  • Consulting the clients remotely over the phone or video conferencing app

  • Reassuring clients during the crisis

  • Tips to manage difficult client conversations

  • Validity of cloud-based legal services

  • Client services remain the top priority in all cases

11:40 AM – 12:00 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Shredded Paper in Waste Basket

12:00 PM – 12:40 PM

Experiential Learning Session

Paperless Office & WFH (Work from Home): COVID 19 Effect

  • Become cost-effective

  • Become streamlined

  • All files to go digital

  • Cloud storage & cloud technology

  • Document management system

  • Paperless workflow for scanning and filing of documents

  • Keeping your law firm operational during the outbreak

  • Effectively managing the remote staff

12:40 PM – 01:00 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation

01:00 PM – 01:10 PM

Virtual Break & Informal Networking


Holding Plant

01:10 PM – 01:50 PM

Experiential Learning Session

Financial Management: Revenue Growth

  • Revenue vs cost management in COVID 19 era

  • Budgeting vs allocation plan

  • Pricing & payment problems

  • Prioritizing the expenses

  • Future revenue growth plans, post COVID era

  • Profitability is the ultimate goal

01:50 PM – 02:10 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Old Alarm Clock

02:10 PM – 02:50 PM

Experiential Learning Session

Productivity & Lawyer Time Management

  • Personal productivity system

  • Time management practices

  • Benefits, compensation vs retention plans in COVID 19

  • Managing flow of virtual client meetings & work execution

  • List all the work in hand and then prioritize

  • Improve work collaboration

  • Reduce the cost of management

  • Properly allocate the resources to the jobs in hand

  • Encourage creativity & innovation

  • Essentials to Master the Work Life Balance

02:50 PM – 03:30 PM

Experiential Learning Session

Team/Staff Management

  • Is pay cut the only solution?

  • Coping up with the salary vs team retention issues

  • Ratio of legal to non-legal support staff

  • Hiring of Office Manager / Finance Manager / IT Manager / Marketing Manager

  • KRAs & KPIs of lawyers during this time

  • Appraisal management system

  • Ensuring ethical practices & compliance

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM

Thank You Note Followed By Virtual Break & Informal Networking


*There can be a slight change in the time provided in the agenda above

** Please be present for a session 10 minutes before the start time



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